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Die Cutting


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Kampf Conslit III

Material: Plastic films, laminates, adhesive tapes
Material thickness: 10 µm – 500 µm
Material width: max. 2,250 mm
Parent roll diameter: max. 1,300 mm
Finished roll diameter: max 850 mm
Slitting system: Shear cut, blade cut
Slitting width: > 25 mm
Winding cores: 70 mm, 3″, 6″
Machine speed: max. 1,000 m/min



ELSIS Web Inspection System

The ELSIS inspection system will enable us to constantly monitor the surface of the running webs, assuring us that the smallest of defects will be detected, recorded reliably and dealt with accordingly. This means with a preprogramming facility we can target particularly relevant defects and ensure their removal from our film prior to dispatch. Its detection possibilities are endless and will therefore allow us to produce the highest quality film.
Jonathan Moore, A.Warne & Co.

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