A Warne & Co Ltd COVID-19 Statement

The global situation with COVID-19 is obviously constantly and rapidly evolving. Currently at A Warne we have had no indications that there will be a significant risk to our supply chain. Both BOPET and APET are currently sourced from multiple manufacturers with locations that are based within the UK, Europe, North America, Middle East and the Far East. The current supply chain is not dependant on China, Italy, Korea or Iran. Combining our multiple supplier strategy, with domestic supply as a backup, and our significant stock holdings we believe this will mitigate any significant supply chain risks.

As a BRC AA accredited site we practice good hygiene as a matter of principal and requirement. Additionally specific COVID-19 information is being handed out to staff members. We will continue to monitor staff holidays and health alongside current and relevant Government advice and act accordingly.

Any significant change in this position will be communicated to our customers.


5th March 2020