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Leading the way in compostable films, our standard and anti-mist coated PLA (polylactic acid) film is made from corn starch – a renewable resource. Discover why A.Warne should be your preferred PLA film supplier.

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Degrades twice as fast as newspaper - a great alternative to traditional films.

Anti-mist coating

Suitable for refrigerated products, such as fresh dairy and meat.

Food approved

Approved for safety when used in direct contact with food products.

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As a leading PLA film supplier, we not only deliver fast turnaround times and exceptional customer service, we do so whilst meeting the highest possible industry standards. Investing in the ELSIS inspection system has enabled us to constantly monitor the surface of running webs, so that we can spot a defect as small as a grain of sand.

What’s more, thanks to our focus on R&D, we can help your business stay future-ready. We can even partner with you to deliver bespoke packaging solutions that match your creative or environmental ambitions.

PLA Eco Film Supplier

PLA eco films

The benefits of PLA eco films are evident right from the production process (which uses 30-50% less fossil fuel than conventional films) through to disposal.

PLA eco films are naturally biodegradable or industrially compostable. They degrade twice as fast as newspaper given the same conditions of temperature and humidity.

With the dramatic growth of landfill sites in our increasingly disposable culture, PLA provides an excellent solution in the search for compostable alternatives.

  • Compostable
  • Available from 20mu to 75mu
  • Enhance your green credentials

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